polti sani system is a class 2A medical device intended for professional use.

  • Healthcare - Sani System

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    Hospitals, dentists, nursing homes, etc.
  • Transport - Sani System


    Trains, ships, airplanes, buses, etc.
  • Public Places - Sani System

    Public Places

    Schools, restaurants, hotels. airports, etc


Polti Sani System - Sani System

Sani System delivers super-heated, saturated steam at high temperature (180° C) in combination with the HPMed sanitizing agent. Polti Sani System lowers the bacterial, fungal, and viral load on surfaces and fabrics to which it is applied. This enables the risk of cross-infections to be reduced rapidly. Its unique feature produces steam at a higher temperature in an expansion chamber (Polti worldwide patent) in order to atomize it. Effectively, steam quickly evaporates from the treated surfaces without leaving any residual moisture behind. The mixture of steam and HPMed can be released in the presence of people. HPMed has also been subjected to skin tests.

Sani Systen Check model is equipped with a sophisticated electronic system allowing operators to programme and control the functioning of the machine and to certify that the sanitizing activity has been completed.

With special RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), the operator can choose one of the four pre-defined programmes. Once the sanitation is completed, a confirmation is printed out including all the data relative to the sanitizing activity.


Polti has always worked on developing innovative technologies for environmental sanitation, and a few years ago it set up a Medical Division for developing ways of making the environments we live and work in healthier.

Wherever you find people, the risk of contamination by pathogenic micro-organisms is significant.

In hospitals, surgeries, hotels, public transport, and schools, it is not sufficient to provide clean environments. It is also necessary to sanitize: thus lowering the microbial loads and reduce the risk of subsequent infections.

Polti Sani System is an effective method for preventing the possibility of viral and bacterial infection. It was developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Pavia University and is intended for the top level sanitation in places where there is a high risk of biological contamination.

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Using - Sani System

    It lowers the bacterial, fungal, and viral load on any type of surface.


    Spraying for 30 seconds per square meter is sufficient to eliminate the microbiological contamination from surfaces. The dry atomized steam evaporates within 30 to 45 seconds without leaving any residue behind. There is no need to use conventional chemical disinfectants.

  • SAFE

    The mixture of steam and HPMed can be released in the presence of people. In addition, it does not require any contact with the surfaces to be sanitized, and therefore eliminates any risk of cross contamination. HPMed has been subjected to skin tests.

  • Total Action

    It reaches all surfaces, even the most inaccessible corners that are difficult to reach with convention methods, guaranteeing total sanitizing of all contaminated areas.


    It reduces the costs of chemical surface disinfectants and reduces the costs of infection related consequences.

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