• Class 2A Electro-medical device for surfaces and textiles high-level sanitization
  • Steam nozzle with controlled expansion chamber to achieve a high temperature steam outflow
  • 180° overheated dry steam outflow
  • Electronic system for all functions’ management and control
  • 4 preset sanitization programs
  • User identification system through RFID cards
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Boiler with continuous refill system for unlimited working time
  • Manual cable winder
  • Big stainless steel handle and side transport handles
  • Anti-trace swiveling castors (1 antistatic) with brakes
Poli Check

Product Parameters

System Continuous refill
Max pressure 6 bar
Steam output Up to 100 g/min
Boiler material AISI 316 stainless steel
Boiler volume 3.5 l
Use capacity Unlimited
Water tank capacity 5 l
Steam ready indicator Yes, on display
Low water level indicator Yes, on display
Steam hose length 2.5 m
Electric cable length 5 m
Cable winder Manual
Boiler power 2200 W
Nozzle power 1500 W
Max power 2250 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 47 x 45 x 92 cm
Weight 29 Kg
Certification Class 2A medical CE

Product Specifications

Users Identification


Sani System Check is able to identify authorized users thanks to personal R-FID cards that only work with the machine they have been encoded on.

Total Control


Sani System Check's electronic board can manage 4 pre-set sanitization programs and check if the correct operating parameters of the machine are respected.

Integrated Printer


The integrated thermal printer of Sani System Check can release a receipt to report the use of the machine and all the information about each sanitization session.

Overheated Dry Steam

Dry SteamFeatures

Sani System's nozzle is equipped with a patented system which can generate overheated dry steam at 180°, the only kind of steam for sanitizing.

Continuous Refill


Sani System's continuous refill system ensures an unlimited working autonomy.



Sanitizing solution for surfaces.