• Polti patented safety cap.
  • Steam nozzle with worldwide Polti patented controlled expansion chamber up to 180° C overheated dry steam outflow.
  • Connection for HPMed sanitizing solution single-use bottle placed under the steam nozzle.
  • Integrated spacer/stand.
  • Ergonomic handle with soft-touch insert.
  • Steam release button with safety lock device.
  • No contact with surfaces
Poli Basic

Bedbugs (Bedbug lectularius) are on the rise nowadays in hotels, bed and breakfasts, even on public transport. They have been on the rise in the past 6 to 8 years, even in highly industrialised European countries.Bedbugs like to nest in crevices and hollows in beds and sofas. They hide in folds in mattresses, cracks and crevices, in the springs or behind the head of the bed, in bedside tables, paintings, skirting boards, even on electric cables and switches. Professional disinfectors know how hard bedbugs can be to deal with.

Eliminate bedbugs
with the SUPER

of the Bedbug

Graph when use Poli basic

The superheated dry steam of the Polti Bedbug Eradicator has proved to be the innovative and effective solution of eliminating the problem of bedbugs. The special feature of this system is the type of steam which, after being generated inside a boiler as in conventional steam generators, is further superheated inside the delivery nozzle (patented worldwide by Polti) up to a maximum temperature of 180°C. At the time of delivery, the steam is mixed with the HPMed sanitising liquid, a water and alcohol-based solution containing sodium metasilicate and sodium carbonate, which can be delivered in the presence of people. The flow of steam at 180° C is able to eliminate the adult insects, the larval stages and the eggs because it causes their thermal shock. In vitro experiments and in the field tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of the superheated dry steam for the rapid elimination of bedbug infestations.

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Product Parameters

System Pressurized boiler
Max pressure 4 bar
Pressure switch Yes
Pressure gauge Yes
Steam output Up to 110 g/min
Steam adjustment Continuous
Boiler material Stainless steel
Boiler volume 2.9 L
Use capacity 2 L
Steam ready indicator Yes
Low water level indicator Yes, acoustic
Vacuum function No
Parking system No
Boiler power 1500 W
Nozzle power 750 W
Max power 2250 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 36 x 36 x 42 cm
Weight 4.9 kg

Product Specifications

Overheated dry steam up to 180° C

Overheated dry steam up to 180° CFeatures

Sani-System’s nozzle is equipped with a patented system which can generate overheated dry steam at 180⁰, the only kind of steam for sanitizing.

Without using chemicals

Without using chemicalsFeatures

The superheated dry steam can even be delivered in the presence of people.



Sanitizing solution for surfaces.