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Lexikon professional products are guaranteed to the purchaser for one year from the date of purchase as shown on a valid receipt issued by the seller. During the warranty period, Lexikon will repair products with defects present at time of manufacture in workmanship or materials at no charge to customer for either labour or materials. To have work performed under warranty, customer must send the appliance back to the Lexikon Service Centre in the country where purchased, and present a valid receipt issued at the time of purchase as evidence of the date of purchase. Warranty does not cover defects due to incorrect use or use other than that described in the instruction booklet and other enclosed literature, which is an integral part of the contract of sale for the product. Warranty does not cover defects resulting from chance (fire, short circuit) or attributable to a third party (tampering with the product). Warranty does not cover parts that are damaged by wear or subject to normal wear (consumables such as filters, batteries, brushes, etc.) warranty does not cover any damage caused by limescale. Lexikon will accept no responsibility for any injury to people or animals or damage to objects directly or indirectly resulting from failure to follow instructions provided in the instruction booklet or other enclosed warning literature, in particular the warnings and product maintenance instructions.